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Those badly drawn people just so cool because they're old skool!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Eh..Ill take that as a complement..Thanks for the review!

Ok, it is very good quality, but its just NOT cool

Ok, man you obviously got skill at making flash, but please make something cool and naughty next time. This is good content maybe for Nickelodeon, but to be ultimately cool it has to be oriented for mature audiences kinda like "Perfect Murder" that was #1 yesterday.

Good BUT

Looks like you ripped off the style from family guy and futurama

Too many things that spoiled this.

1) Jesus never wore shaolin clothes.
2) Jesus did not resemble a blackman, he was Israeli.
3) There were 3 crosses on the mountain.
4) They didnt leave him on the mountain on the cross, they took him down.
5) Once again Jesus did not look like a blackman.

I am sorry but components>movie

Ok, reasons I didnt like it:

1. Music sucks.
2. Music inserted poorly and disrupts flow.
3. You didnt bother to give characters different expressions on their face, hence dumb look.
4. Ugly character faces. (my opinion I know)
5. animation is not smooth or well timed.

Yes your movie does deserve more than a 3. A 4 maybe.
Thing is while it DOES look like a lot of effort was put into it, it still is not very exciting.
There are much simpler, dumber, shorter movies that can produce bigger impression.
Examples :
-Good times series
-In my head

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BAD MUSIC!!!! but good animation

Good animation that is spoiled by this crappy and overused music. This music sucks, this music must die, Donnie Darko sucks balls, please p ut happy music into this cartoon and resubmit it.

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The woman got voice like the demon possesed people in EVIL DEAD! Thats awesome. The voice acting was great, that girl speaks so good.

Vampires suck

Vampire subject matter is so old and boring. Like you goth kids cant come up with something funnier.

Tacotown responds:

Goth eh, that's a new one. sorry i couldn't come up with something funnier, but i wasn't aiming for comedy.

hmm. I dont know

Those drawings didnt look particularly good. I mean they're good of course but somehow the thickness of lines used to draw different characters and backgrounds wasnt consistent. I understand that its what you doing to add sense of visual depth, but you need to ask more people for opinions. For example the thickness of lines farther back could be thinner, but those closer should be thicker. Also the fact that you're drawing anime charactes and mixe them up with characters drawin NOT in anime style (the guy with sheep skull on him) is not a very good combination.
Also you need to work on animation of the little cinematic scenes where characters are doing some esxpressions with their faces. The ones you have showsn (eye open, mouth open, mirror) didnt look very good.

Red-Aardvark responds:

actually, to be honest, I had no good intention with the thickness of the linear thickness. A sure-fire cause of the lack of thin lines to objects further away. what I did have a reason for was the use of the animal-skull angels mixed in with the anime-style drawings. a long story's involved with why they wear them, but mainly for theatrical purposes (gives a dark, expressionless anonymity to the antagonist)

Also, you're right about the expressions on those faces mentioned. frankly put, I need to give my lazy ass a swift kick for good measure on those animations.

thankee very much for the thoughtful imput, calmius

I dont like it because Rammstein sucks.

Its the truth rammstein sucks balls. And the whole concept of drawing something cute and put a mean music in is just so cliche.

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